Have you ever felt a victim of an Online Trading Scam? Start Returning Your Funds Today.

Have you ever been
involved with:

An unregulated Forex Broker ?

An unregulated Binary Options Broker?

An unregulated CFDs Broker?

An unregulated Cryptocurrency Broker?

We will help you to:

Get your money back

Prevent being scammed again in the future

Get compensation

Regain your sense of security in life

Get a 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Our clients say

How are the things being done with us:


Before our experts can work with you, we need you to register on our website.


You will receive a call from one of our experts and your claim will be assessed based on their experience.Your case will be analyzed thoroughly and then one of our professionals will accordingly determine which actions should be taken in order to retrieve your funds from the scammer.


All the parties who were involved and participated in your losses will be confronted by our professionals. Among the financial institutions we confront: Banks, Processing Companies, e-Wallets (if done with cryptocurrency) and so on.

Registration Form

Victims, who already lost money with the fake trading firms and other, who still in the process of “trades” can fill in our registration form - we will contact every one as soon as possible!


How much time does the process takes?

It depends on the complexity of the case (i.e. amount of banks, amount lost, amount of involved third parties, etc.), as well as on other factors such as the country you are coming from and the red tape required to submit a claim to the financial authorities in your country Usually it takes between one to six months.

Do I have any chance to win the case?

There’s no one answer. Once you get a phone call from one of our professionals he will fully assess your claim and will let you know what the chances are. There are multiple factors that dictates the likelihood of winning a case and it cannot be determined in advance.One thing you can be sure about: we do NOT take cases that is of low chances to win, due to the fact that it’s A) a waste of time for our business B) a waste of resources and money for our business Our essence and way of working is based on the win-win strategy.

Is the money still retrievable even if it happened 3 years ago?

Our ability to retrieve funds is up to 6 years ago.Cases from 10 years ago will NOT be taken.

I am not sure I’ve been scammed, how can I know?

We possess vast experience on multiple levels such as banking, finance and trading and have access to the “industry” knowledge. Therefore, it will be clarified in the phone whether you have been victimized by a con-artist or dealt with a regulated broker and just lost the money legitimately?

Is it possible to retrieve funds from a Regulated broker?

Short answer — yes. In case the brokerage violated the terms and conditions and/or purposely misled you to participate in an unprofitable trading – we can negotiate a settlement / submit a claim to the brokerage’s regulator.

Is there going to be additional costs?

We guarantee that there will be no additional costs to you in this case even if it will require extra/unexpected work on our part.